PhD Student
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher 
Machine Learning Engineer | UI Designer | Entrepreneur Electrical Engineer | Amateur Photographer

I’m a full-time Cognitive Neuroscience PhD student at the School of Behavioral and Brain Science at UT Dallas where I work with Dr. Richard M. Golden as a Research Scientist in his Cognitive Informatics & Statistics(COINS) Lab. At COINS Lab, we are developing a new cognitive diagnostic modeling framework to track how latent skills evolve during learning. I’m more specifically interested in understanding how the higher order latent skills underlying implicit learning process are semantically represented in the human mind. 

Entrepreneurial Stints 

Before turning into a career in Cognitive Science I was the Founding Director (2015 – 2016) of Infigence Neurotech Inc., and Founding CEO (2012 – 2015) of Dionz Electronics. Dionz was one of the top performing startups in Kerala, India (2012-2013), and during this time I have designed and engineered a wide range of  products like Auto-stereoscopic 3D Projector (augmented reality without specialty glasses), Li-Fi Modem (TCP/IP communication using visible light), and smart home energy management systems.

From Curiosity to a Research Career

It is the experience of tension and triumph of discovery at a susceptible age that creates the taste for mental work and leaves the imprint on mind and character for a lifetime. 

– George Pólya

For me it was the experience of building a mind (EEG) controlled wheelchair during the sophomore year of my electronics engineering training that has ingratiated in me the discipline for a life of scientific enquiry. 

Curriculum Vitae