Who Am I

I am a Cognitive & Computational Neuroscientist interested in the neural basis of human cognition and learning, through a combination of mathematical modeling, computer simulation, and neuroimaging. I am currently working as a Research Assistant at the Laboratory for Mathematical Analyses of Artificial Neural Network in the School of Behavioral and Brain Science at UT Dallas.

Before changing career to Cognitive Sciences, I was an Electronics Engineer and the founding CEO of Dionz Electronics, an Indian startup committed to developing high-speed communication modems through Li-Fi. During the period, I had the honor of accepting various awards for technological innovation and leadership.

I am also a part-time Machine Learning consultant and can be contacted here.

About This Blog

Being a person of diverse interests and experiences, I warn my readers to expect that diversity in the contents of this blog as well. However, my serious attempt would be to include all posts under one among the four main categories:

  • Cognition & Neuroscience
  • Machine Learning & Computation (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Book Reviews
  • Musings (Ideas, Opinions & Everything else)


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I invite you to join me in the conversation.