Athul Sudheesh

Athul Sudheesh is a Research Scientist at the Cognitive Informatics and Statistics (COINS) Lab at UT Dallas where he is working on developing a new cognitive diagnostic modeling framework to study skill acquisition. Athul’s work lies at the intersection of educational psychology (how humans learn and retain knowledge) and psychometrics (development of statistical tools for objective measurement of skills and knowledge). Currently he is pursuing his Ph.D in Cognition and Neuroscience from the School of Behavioral and Brain Science at UT Dallas under Dr. Richard M. Golden.


2018 – present, Research Scientist @ COINS Lab
2018 – 2019, Machine Learning Consultant 
2016, UT Dallas Graduate Excellence Scholar 
2015 – 2016, Founding Director of Infigence Neurotech Pvt. Ltd.
2012 – 2014, Founding CEO of Dionz Electronics 
2012, Manorama Yuva Mastermind



  • Implicit Learning
  • Mental Representation 
  • Consciousness 
  • Computational Psychometrics 
  • Philosophy of Mind

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